The Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a well established international finance centre. The quality of its reputation and success to date has been securely established on the foundations of political stability, low taxation and the strength of its fiscal, legislative and regulatory controls. This has contributed to an economy boasting over 20 years of sustained growth and has earned AAA ratings from both Standard and Poors and Moody’s

Whilst remaining a British Crown dependency and part of the British Isles, the Island is not part of the United Kingdom and is internally self-governing, exercising its extensive legislative and political independence through the world’s oldest continuous parliament, the Tynwald.

The Manx government under its ‘Freedom to Flourish’ initiative has created an environment in which businesses of various types can establish, prosper and sustain growth. Investment and taxation vehicles, zero tax strategies, a first rate digital telecommunications, e-business and support services infrastructure, high quality commercial and residential accommodation and a network of business professionals with the expertise and experience of developing business on a local, national and international scale are already firmly in place.

The spacious and scenic Island location is definitively a location of choice, affording freedom to develop personally as well as professionally.

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