Business Development and Market Growth


The Problem

Successful market penetration and effective business development depend on many factors: what methods work best, which model should be followed, is another presence the best way to achieve the desired growth? Many businesses agonise over these issues and more. When competitors seem to be doing all sorts of things, it is easy to opt to simply plagiarise others or sometimes battle on regardless. Truth is, which direction is the right one? This question vexes many a management team and causes angst over the best use of available resource. If the wrong decision is made, when will the business catch up? For many reasons the seemingly daunting prospect of how far to take a business often boils down to vision. If your vision is to grow your business, maximise resources and excel, then Cornerstone can bring it’s experience to your advantage.

Experience Counts

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the US poet, once said: “If you would hit the mark, you must aim a little above it; Every arrow that flies feels the attraction of earth.” When you are busy trying to outdo the competition, to raise your game, experience matters; Cornerstone uses it’s experience to your advantage, regardless of where on earth your arrow lands.

Our familiarity with growing in key locations counts: Isle of Man, London, Channel Islands, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Whether a representative office licence, launching a new branch, strategic alliance, relationship development or something completely different, we can help.

Maximising Relationships

Within every business activity, at it’s heart, lies a relationship. Whether colleague, client or professional, the need to maximise those relationships is vital to a successful business making the most of it’s opportunities. When dealing with a different culture and ethos, you need to be sure you are doing as well as saying, the right thing. Your staff need to be confident in their abilities and ensure they are trained in the best possible way: Cornerstone can help. John Sheath once said: “Give me 10 people who know what they don’t know, rather than 100 who think they know what they don’t.”


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